Our slanted ceiling shower solution

After scouring the internet for days and not being able to to find an acceptable solution to installing a shower rod in our slanted ceiling bathroom, I decided to have a custom rod and hardware solution made to my specs by a company that makes store fixtures. The factory happens to be across the street from my office so I went over there about a month ago with a drawing and some measurements and it took a couple weeks and about a hundred bucks, but I think the result is great. It looks really good and works perfectly. An expertly cut and grommeted liner and curtain later, and we have a finished looking solution that I’ve yet to see the equal of. No more suction cup hooks and bunched up shower curtains!

Slanted ceiling shower rod Hardware close-up


2 responses to “Our slanted ceiling shower solution

  1. Heh…that looks great….much better than the suction cups…but not as much fun when trying to shower!

  2. looks like you’ve got enough height pre-slant to install a standard straight rod. the company i used was a store fixture manufacturer in toronto. if need be, i’m sure you have similar companies in your area. good luck!

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