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The Office (and powder room)

Finally put the finishing touches on the office this weekend after completing the painting and trim work (with hand tools!). Installed 10 feet of industrial shelving that I got for a steal and made a desk from a door that I stained and added IKEA legs to. Put in some art and fixtures in the bathroom. Now it’s time for a beer.
shelves desk and new windows desk top powder room art bear skin reading material


Our slanted ceiling shower solution

After scouring the internet for days and not being able to to find an acceptable solution to installing a shower rod in our slanted ceiling bathroom, I decided to have a custom rod and hardware solution made to my specs by a company that makes store fixtures. The factory happens to be across the street from my office so I went over there about a month ago with a drawing and some measurements and it took a couple weeks and about a hundred bucks, but I think the result is great. It looks really good and works perfectly. An expertly cut and grommeted liner and curtain later, and we have a finished looking solution that I’ve yet to see the equal of. No more suction cup hooks and bunched up shower curtains!

Slanted ceiling shower rod Hardware close-up

The Office

Finally, the end is in sight! The final floor to be reconstructed, in what will be my home office, has been completed and is awaiting the maple. 3 new windows have been installed, and some sweet tile has been laid in the powder room. This should tide us over until spring when the second round of renos will begin again (sigh).

New tile New windows and wall

First Steps

Yesterday we spent the day tearing up all the cat hair-infested, toddler-stained carpeting on the main floor. No bonus hardwood floor revelations, only some 1940s school-grade institutional linoleum tile covering the sub floor. While I was ripping out the carpet some of the tile was knocked loose so I decided to pry it all up and be done with it. Our original plan was to just install laminate flooring over whatever was under there, but once I got going I couldn’t stop. D, being the cautious sensible one, smartly made a run to Home Despot to acquire some asbestos-grade ventilators. I was ready to plow ahead – asbestos be damned – but I’m glad she did it, just in case. We bagged it up, rolled up the carpet and underlay and now we’re faced with the next decision – to level or not to level our somewhat wonky floors. It seems our little house has sagged in the middle over the years, as these things (and people) do. That said, just being rid of that carpet brightens the place immensely.

The old carpet Ripping it up “You just had to rip that shit up, didn’t you?”

The Cute Factor

‘The Cute Factor’ refers to a term our real estate agent used in describing the two houses that we were interested in during our house hunt. Both had what he described as a high ‘cute factor’, which I think means that they were both small, old and full of the quirks that come par for the course with 100+ year-old houses. We’re both suckers for things small and cute and I’m sure that we were swayed by our little Junction house’s high ‘cute factor’.

Now that we’ve taken possession I thought it’d be a good idea to document the preparations for our move in February for the family and friends who don’t have the privilege (ha!) of listening to my ranting and obsessing daily. I’ll do my best to keep this up-to-date with our progress and hopefully it will act as an impartial sounding board for all the frustrations and joys that are sure to follow.