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Not so cute.

This week the contractors came in and started work on leveling our floors in preparation for our new hardwood installation. In doing so, they uncovered a bit of a nightmare situation in the back part of the house (see photos). The previous owners had, by incompetently trying to level the floor, caused more problems for us. Basically, they had attempted to raise the floor with a jack that wasn’t even shored — it just sunk into the ground. Insane. I have no idea what they were thinking, but I know how they tried to cover it up. Frustrating, but our contractor has assured us that he can fix the problem and prevent and further damage. It’ll push our schedule back a couple days, but at least we’ll have the peace of mind that our house will be stable.

He also uncovered the original hardwood floors which had been covered up by no less than 3 subfloors, some linoleum and topped with some carpeting. Again, I have no idea why people do the things they do. Laziness? Cheapness? Plain stupidity? It’s anyone’s guess.

On a brighter note (literally), they’ve managed to open up our ground floor considerably by taking out a wall in the entranceway and widening the doorway between the living room and dining room. We can’t wait to see it all finished with the maple floors installed. It’ll make all this stress and frustration more than worthwhile! We also picked out our new stove and washer/dryer set. It’ll be the first time we’ve used a new gas stove that didn’t require throwing a match into the oven or burner and hoping the house doesn’t blow up.

Yikes. The new entranceway. Dining room/Living room opening.


The Cute Factor

‘The Cute Factor’ refers to a term our real estate agent used in describing the two houses that we were interested in during our house hunt. Both had what he described as a high ‘cute factor’, which I think means that they were both small, old and full of the quirks that come par for the course with 100+ year-old houses. We’re both suckers for things small and cute and I’m sure that we were swayed by our little Junction house’s high ‘cute factor’.

Now that we’ve taken possession I thought it’d be a good idea to document the preparations for our move in February for the family and friends who don’t have the privilege (ha!) of listening to my ranting and obsessing daily. I’ll do my best to keep this up-to-date with our progress and hopefully it will act as an impartial sounding board for all the frustrations and joys that are sure to follow.